About the Foundation

The Katz Family Charitable Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that honors the memories of Max, Sheilah and David Katz and Linda Joy Katz Grife. Our mission is to support and enrich the lives of families and individuals in our community and around the world with a focus on hunger relief, education, and development. Please visit our Organizations We Support page to view a list of some of the charitable organizations that we have worked with.

The Katz Family Charitable Foundation is unique, in that we do not have any overhead and therefore are able to allocate 100% of our resources directly to charitable causes. All administrative and accounting expenses are donated, or privately funded . Additional funds are raised in a variety of methods, including donating the time of Steven J. Katz and Joshua Katz as auctioneers for various charitable organizations throughout the country. If you would like to request Steven or Joshua for your next auction, please visit our Request an Auctioneer page.

About the Number 18

The number 18  holds great symbolism to the Jewish people. In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical value. The word “life” has a numerical value of 18. It is customary, in Jewish tradition, to pledge donations in multiples of 18. The Katz Family Charitable Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of all the people and communities that we encounter. The mitzvah, or commandment, of Tzedakah, giving charity, is about elevating the lives of others by giving and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. It is on these values that we base our mission of charitable work and ideology of doing good deeds, within our community and throughout the world.

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The Katz Family Charitable Foundation
501(c)(3) Tax ID 25-6644879
c/o Michele McGough
207 Thomas Street
Suite 100
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Contact Michele McGough with any questions at 610-359-5847 x 2